Core Competency

The EMME Security Group started out as the Matatag Security Agency in 1981. Later, the company expanded as Emirate Security & Maintenance Systems, Inc. in 1992. After three years of successful operations, a sister company was established – the Emeritus Security & Maintenance Systems, Inc. – to cater to the growing needs of clients. Subsequently, with the increasing demand for quality services, new agencies were welcomed into the fold – EMME, Emirate Security Specialists, Inc., and Emerald – under the umbrella of the EMME Security Group With five security agencies, the Group provides the brand of excellence in security services to a wider market with each agency having its own designated geographical area. At present, the Group has a combined security force of some 3,000 officers and guards.

The Group’s core service is to supply high-performing security guards and officers providing quality security services ensured by maintaining strict hiring standards that include stringent Neuro-Psychiatric and Physical Tests.

The Group has also its own Performance Appraisal System and Certified Security Professional (CSP) Scholarship Program and requires all guards to undergo own certified training program prior to renewal of licensing.

The Group deploys its own Area Inspectors conducting random inspections on all detachments and maintains as well its own Special Action Team (SAT) to respond to emergency situations for investigation purposes.

Besides these core competencies, the Group also renders other security related services addressing the varying security needs of clients including but not limited to:
    * VIP Drivers and Escorts
    * CCTV / Telephone Operators
    * K-9 Teams
    * Background Investigation
    * Armored Cars with Drivers and Escorts
    * Receptionists

As a matter of course, the EMME Security Group deploys officers and guards to clients meeting their specific requirements. Thus, after undergoing the mandatory Neuro-Psychiatric and Physical Tests and Drug Test from accredited clinics, the Group conducts pre-employment training responsive to the prospective assignment for the officers and guards. After their successful deployment, the Group continually develops its officers and guards to the caliber embedded in its vision through holding of regular refresher training courses, among other means, on both general modules such as rekindling moral values and attitudes and technical modules such as weapons handling and emergency situations management.

The EMME Security Group has established the EMME Security Group Training Center, Inc. (ESGTCI) accredited with TESDA in order to meet the training needs of officers and guards as required and as requested by clients in line with its vision of becoming the top provider of security services in the country and in the region. Accordingly, the ESGTCI’s Program of Instruction offers a wide range of courses from pre-licensing to supervisory to customer relations, and to the more specialized ones such as Theory and Practice of VIP Protection, all handled by competent and credible instructors well-respected in the industry. The ESGTCI’s main facilities are located at the Laguna International Industrial Park in Canlubang, Laguna with two classrooms, an office, and a spacious training ground as well as barracks for the trainees, and a firing range for target practice under construction.

Aside from developing its people, the Group also motivates them by providing the benefits due them in a timely manner including financial assistance via non-interest bearing loans during times of emergencies and extreme necessities.